Principal to achieve optimum mental health

nutrition diminishing of symptoms of depression and anxiety Parkinson’s disease and also Alzheimer’s disease Tryptophan level of sleep Embrace the use of alcoholic beverages
  1. 1.      neuroplasticity
  2. 2.      nutrition and plant base diet
  • 3.      diminishing of symptoms of depression and anxiety
  1. 4.      Parkinson’s disease and also Alzheimer’s disease
  2. 5.      Tryptophan
  3. 6.      level of sleep
  4. 7.      Embrace the use of alcoholic beverages

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Allow me to introduce a concept that we call and you might have heard before

called neuroplasticity neuroplasticity is nothing but the capacity the brain has to be able to adapt based on what we do so you and i have the ability to change some of the structures that bring has and also to change some of the processes and I’m excited about this concept because the reality is that this concept is the basis for achieving an optimal mental health and these eight principles Lokai Mental Health Awareness Bracelet, Silicone Bead Bracelet Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play, Fidget Toy, Children Activity, Desk Top, Assorted Colors (1 Piece)

or habits that I’m going to encourage you to do will be challenging will be out of the ordinary but I believe will provoke you

and it will allow you to visit the people and share these concepts but it will

also do something very important which is what was mentioned just earlier it

will allow you to visit people like me less and that is something good believe it or not um so these eight principles i don’t only believe in them and practice them but

they’re evidence-based and so i would like you to if you can pay attention to this so that maybe take one or two or three and practice them when you get out of here principle number one it’s a very simple one it’s a principle of nutrition nutrition is an important thing and allow me to share with you something

that some of you might know some of you might not know but a member the name of dan

batna he teamed up with people from national geographic and the mission was to find out a group of people or peoples around the world who can

demonstrate that they can live healthier physically and mentally these are people who the norm was to achieve 100 years or older so as soon as they found them they named

these zones around the world blue zones and they found nine characteristics i won’t share them with you but i would like to share one which is related to this concept

one characteristic was that centenarian cultures and centenarian groups of people

have the basis of their diet as beans crazy isn’t it i have an advantage in there I’m

originally from Mexico and Mexicans have

a lot of beans I’m not 100 sure i will live to 100 but uh i’m hoping i will because like i said

i believe this and i practice it what they have found is that people who live more than 100 physically and who are physically and mentally able above the average also only consume uh flesh or meat products only five times a month and it shouldn’t be a surprise because

even just recently maybe a couple of weeks ago

the national council of Australia who talks about dieting has remodified the pyramid i don’t know how many of you saw it but at the bottom the greatest amount of it is it’s plant-based so the message is goal plant-based and that’s what they found these societies have embraced so

the principle number one is nutrition principle number two shouldn’t be  

surprising principle number two is exercise now what we have found is that exercise is a matter of life we cannot achieve an optimal capacity if we don’t become active there is a lot of research that i could share with you but allow me and perhaps

believe get out of here perhaps research it that exercise alone can have a great

contribution on the diminishing of symptoms of depression and anxiety it’s very simple you

exercise and you generate endorphins good happy chemicals you exercise regularly and you will also generate the production of a neurotransmitter in your

brain called serotonin neuropathy and dopamine all of these are related to depression

Parkinson’s disease and also Alzheimer’s disease so to actively participate in exercise will

definitely contribute to achieving an optimal mental health that will set you

and the community above the average and

will reduce visits to people like me principle number three that will be water is so important seventy percent of our bodies are made out of water eighty percent of our brains are made of

components that are water that’s a lot of that’s a high percentage so it shouldn’t be surprising again that to achieve an optimal mental health we need water perhaps more than what we utilize

now let me share with you something there is

certain chemicals that we can only achieve by eating foods certain types of food we already talked about food we didn’t go in specifics but there are certain foods that we can consume one of the certain types of food produces something or gives you something called

tryptophan tryptophan is a substance that if it reaches the brain to good proportions

will allow you to secrete more end serotonin so tryptophan is the raw material that the  brain needs to produce serotonin and you might be

thinking well what does that have to do  with water you’re talking about food now and i’m confused what allow me to share  with you why water is so important the reason why it’s so important is because water is one of the elements that allow these things that you consume and these nutrients to travel to the brain.

the key is simple the the formula is simple more the more water the more tryptophan goes to the brain the more raw material we have to generate serotonin and the happier you become some of the things that water can give you is a great clarity in your mind but some of the things that it could give you if you lack intake of water is a reduced ability to be happier people.

who do not consume enough water become more frustrated they have less clarity of mind and then it will affect as a default your mental health performance the next principle is sunshine

i will keep this one simple we need the sun and that is basically it and there is three reasons that i can share with you why we need the sun or at least a couple one is if we allow ourselves to intake sunshine on a regular bay on a regular basis

level of sleep

you can actually achieve a greater level of sleep your sleep will be increased it  will be sounder and you will feel refreshed next time that by default will increase your capacity to learn to memorize and to concentrate it’s very simple sunshine as well believe it or not can also have an impact on the level of pain that u might have physically if anybody here or if anybody in the community has some pain sunshine can decrease

someone has it’s amazing what sunshine can do if take it in the right amounts let me share the next principle this is a principle that is very important temperance i don’t know you ever heard these words uh not many people have but allow me to share what this means temperance implies that we are to create and practice in our lifestyle schedule a balance.

a balance that will set you up above the average what that implies is we need to make sure that we allow ourselves to introduce certain habits and behaviors that will provoke and will allow you to

have a better mental health performance you might be thinking well can you

explain a little bit more let me share with you something our societies are run-in such a way that we tend to take something that is bad and make it good and sometimes unfortunately we take something that is good and make it bad one example is it’s something that

cigarette was related to lung cancer

happened in the 1950s in the 1950s sometimes someone realized i think i think smoking is related to lung cancer so what people did in the 1950s is they introduced what we call the filter in

the cigarette because the tower of the cigarette was related to lung cancer today we continue to know that smoking is one of the greatest causes of disease and death in our societies.

use of alcoholic beverages

so it didn’t fix it another thing that we know that is harmful and we tend to embrace it is the use of alcoholic beverages Australia reported in 2011 to 2012 that 19.7.7 that’s a reasonable percentage 19.7 of relationship breakups of interpersonal relationship breakups occur as a result of an alcohol related problem and that doesn’t account for a

psychiatric condition that’s a high percentage what alcohol can do to us is it can impair the frontal lobe cortex that allows us to make good and sound

decisions research has shown us that consuming such substance

increases our likelihood of cheating between 30 to 50 percent funny that because a lot of the times when we do business there is always something like this involved so we kind of need to prepare a set of ourselves to go to to break a good deal.

but I’m not saying that everybody who does that is cheating but the the research and the numbers that’s what they indicate another health harmful substance that decreases our mental capacity and our

ability to deal with things such as depression and anxieties is coffee caffeinated drinks caffeinated drinks that stress our nervous system and they stress it so much that can

increase the level of depression or depressive symptoms and also the level

of anxiety.

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