best price macbook pro and macbook air 2022 price in usa

Apple MacBook Air Laptop Apple M1 Chip, 13

Apple MacBook Air Laptop: Apple M1 Chip, 13” Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage, Backlit Keyboard, FaceTime HD Camera, Touch ID. Works with iPhone/iPad; Gold

Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) – Space Gray

apple macbook air price in usa 2022 apple macbook pro 2022

So then guys today what i want to show you is the  best macbook money can buy in 2022 in my opinion  

and what i mean by this i mean the best bang  for your buck as it were so this is the best  

performance and features in a macbook for your  money right now of course the best macbook out  

there is the macbook pro 16-inch because it’s got  the bigger screen you can get the m1 max in it get  

the highest amount of ram the highest amount of  storage it’s going to be the best but like i said  

i want to show you the best one that you can get  right now so i’m going to reveal what this macbook  

is so can i have a drum roll please and it’s this  it’s an m1 mac book air and whatever you do do not  

stop the video right now because i want to explain  to you why this macbook air is definitely the best  

one for your money right now before switching over  to looking up some macbook pros to 14 inch and 16  

inch four example and the best way first of all  let’s have a look at the design of this macbook  

air so the actual design of this macbook air was  actually revealed in 2018 as the third generation  

macbook design on it you’ve got things like a  retina display you’ve also got the fantastic new  

magic keyboard was absolutely brilliant and  you’ve also got that force trackpad as well  

with those sort of haptic feedbacks inside it was  brilliant to use and also it’s really really large  

other features on this macbook air is you’ve also  got two usb ports on it or usb-c ports and on that  

it allows you to charge your macbook and also you  can use those thunderbolt ports inside those usbc  

what a thunderbolt 4 or usb4 now first of all i  know what you’re going to say that isn’t a lot  

of ports actually on this macbook air but in all  things considering i know you’ve got the 14 inch  

and 16 inch macbook pros will give you that sd  card slot an extra usb c port and also give you  

that hdmi port but you can always buy yourself one  of these and it’s a dongle and i know they don’t  

look the best hanging off this but for what like  i’m going to show in a minute the price of this  

macbook air and buying one of these is far cheaper  than buying yourself the cheapest 14 inch macbook  

pro out there just to get those couple more ports  you better find this say about 30 25 pounds or so  

it’s far far better something else what makes  this macbook absolutely remarkable it’s got to  

be that chip underneath inside it so the chip  inside this is the m1 chip now the m1 chip i’m  

going to show you some performance benchmarks  in a second is absolutely unbelievable no matter  

what you throw at it as daily tasks it can  hack through it no problems it doesn’t care  

at all so much so that apple decided that because  of daily tasks was going to be a breeze on this  

macbook they didn’t even put a fan in it because  they knew that the chip wouldn’t get overheated  

and it would be able to cope with kind of your  daily kind of work and some of those works i can  

also shout out there it’s including doing some  photo editing or some video editing with some  

4k video i want to show you some bench marking on  in a minute to show how good this macbook air is  

but it is truly a remarkable device and it still  does look absolutely beautiful in 2022 and it’s  

super super thin in fact look at my finger next to  it here that is how thin this macbook air is it’s  

absolutely amazing something else what is amazing  about this macbook air is to do with its battery  

life this macbook air you can get up to 17 hours  of battery out of there and that 14 inch macbook  

pro you can get up to 18 hours and to be honest  it’s very very similar but if that fan did kick  

in that 14 inch macbook pro for example probably  the battery would be worse than this macbook air  

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