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he Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are two small all-electric SUVs.Does the Hyundai Ioniq 5 have what it takes to compete against one of the best electric SUVs, the Tesla Model Y?comparison test of the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs. 2020 Tesla Model Y.

tesla model x ,tesla model 3,tesla model y,tesla model 3,tesla model 3 price in usa,tesla model x price in usa hyundai ioniq ,hyundai ioniq price hyundai ioniq interior

tesla model x ,tesla model 3,tesla model y,tesla model 3,tesla model 3 price in usa,tesla model x price in usa hyundai ioniq ,hyundai ioniq price hyundai ioniq interior.


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the Tesla Model Y– up against this, the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

No, it’s not an Atari on wheels. Yes, it’s a real car and it’s here to make an ’80s-inspired splash.

The electric race is heating up these days. So can the Ioniq 5 stand the heat?

So here it is finally, the Hyundai Ioniq 5. Now you can get it in one of two flavors.

Price and Range

First, there’s a standard range version. That comes with a single motor, rear-wheel drive only.

But there’s also long range versions. You can get that with rear-wheel drive or dual-motor all-wheel drive.

The one we have today is a long range all-wheel drive, and that gets you up to an estimated 256 miles of range.

Now, here’s where Hyundai really goes into their bag. The Ioniq 5 is going to start around

$41,000 including destination. And those prices are similar to what the Volkswagen ID.4

or Ford Mustang Mach-E starts at. But with tax incentives and rebates, that number could dip into the mid $30K range.

And even at that price, those base versions of the Ioniq 5 get a gang of extra cool features.

We don’t necessarily consider those base models a direct competitor to the Model Y. But this one, a long-range, all-wheel drive in its top limited trim certainly is.

You get 20-inch wheels, more tech, and more comfort and a price starting under $56,000 with destination. Even before rebates and incentives that makes it significantly less expensive than this, the Tesla

Model Y. Now the Model Y first debuted for the 2020 year. So Tesla has a leg up in the experience department.

And there actually was a standard version of the Model Y that started around $40,000.

But Tesla has since axed that from their website and it hasn’t been heard from since. That means the base model is now the Model Y Long Range starting

at $61,000 and that’s pricier than even the top-level Ioniq 5. So just keep that in mind.

This one is actually ours at Edmunds. We bought it last year for around $69,000.

The reason behind that is that we included the optional full self-driving option, which Hyundai doesn’t offer.

And this is a performance model with the optional performance package, which Hyundai also doesn’t offer.

Not so performance-minded, the Ioniq 5. So, no. This isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison of these two models.

But we do think the all-wheel drive Ioniq competes directly with the Model Y in this price range.

And we think it’s indicative of the choices that shoppers will be faced with when they’re looking to enter the EV arena.

Features and Tech

Also, we spent our own money on this so it gets to be in the video. If you think Tesla should send us a direct apples to apples,

well send a letter to Elon maybe. He doesn’t respond to my DMs anymore. Come on, man. I can see it’s on read.

One of the hallmarks of owning an EV is clever use of interior space.

And the Ioniq 5 sure tries real hard on that front. Let me walk you through some of the more interesting features.

Right off the bat, there’s a really attractive steering wheel right in front. There’s a cool, textured center area,

although these four squares are giving me Squid Game vibes, but moving on.

The glossy black buttons on either side actually are buttons. You have to press into them.

It’s not just touch-capacitive, which is nice. And then there’s a cool fighter jet-looking button

for the drive modes here. Now behind that are paddles. And obviously, you’re not shifting gears with them

like you would on a sports car. But they’re to control the power of the regenerative brakes. So you can have it where when you come off  of the accelerator, the car continues to coast.

Or you can do one-pedal driving, which is where you come off the accelerator

and the car will basically brake on its own down to a complete stop. One of the virtues I was excited to check out

is this flat floor. Now obviously, you don’t need a lot of space for a transmission tunnel in an electric vehicle,

Interior And exterior

so you’ve got tons of extra room. But as I’m sitting here, I’m struggling to see the use case for it.

I mean, first of all, you’re not going to be loading a bunch of lumber up here. And second of all, if you have groceries over there

and a water bottle or a piece of fruit or something potentially rolls over near your feet while you’re driving,

that could be pretty dangerous. One of the other things is that on this Limited trim, you can take this center console area and actually slide it

forward or backward, I guess to either– move it forward– create more space

in the back to load items. Or if you’re of different heights, maybe this is a more comfortable resting area for you–

easier to grab your bottles. For me, I think all the way back is nice.

Again, I see the idea and I understand trying to make the most functional use out of the space

that you have. But I’m kind of struggling, at least initially, to see how this is adding anything to the experience.

But again, by all means, leave a comment if you are really excited about this movable console. The last party trick I can show you

has to do with the seats, which I can say are very comfortable. On this Limited trim, they’re perforated,

there’s nice support, and a really good shape to them. Also, just to touch on it, I do have lots of headroom

and I like the outward visibility in here. So I’m enjoying the interior. One of the things that’s optional on these seats

is this adjustable foot rest which moves quite slowly.

Overall, a very nice place to be. I love the materials. I love the vibe. I’m just not sure everything is hitting the way they intended.

Quick side note, on the Limited trim, both front seats are heated and ventilated. Now let’s move on to the back seats.

So the back seat. OK, you may have noticed that I had to duck a little bit

to get in, raise my knees up. That’s because the rear seats are pretty elevated compared

to the front seats because they’re sitting on a whole bunch of battery packs. So it is a little tricky to get in but once in.


I’ve got nice headroom and a really good view of this sunroof which has a cool way of opening.

It works like a football stadium almost, and then the two panels come together and meet in the middle. Just like the front seats, the rears

are also really comfortable. But one cool thing that they can do is slide front and back, which is neat

if you have to load things. And they can recline. So right now, this is the most upright position.

I could use a little bit more space. So you can go down one or you can go down all the way

to here. And this is a much more comfortable seating position and on a Limited trim, you get sunshades too, which is nice.

One really helpful feature is the amount of ways you can plug in your devices back here. There’s two USB ports and then under your seat,

there’s a power outlet. You’re sitting on all this electricity, you might as well use it. Right?

Enough about this. Let’s check out the frunk and the trunk. Under the hood of the Ioniq 5, nice engine cover, right?

Wrong. It’s a frunk, kind of. So to see what it could fit, I brought two sleeping bags.

And we’re going to get them in here, nice and, nice and, nice and easy.

All right. That’s not going to latch. So let’s do, let’s just do one.

OK. I wonder how the Tesla would do.

Huh? OK, so that wins. Let’s check out the trunk.

Hey! Around back of the Ioniq 5, you can see there’s pretty impressive cargo space.

With the rear seats up, there’s 27.2 cubic feet and with them folded down, that goes all the way up

to 59.3, which is really competitive with cars like the Volkswagen ID.4 and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

But it’s not quite as much as what the Tesla has. And also, there’s no underfloor storage because

of the big battery pack. You have just enough for your charging supplies and a tire repair kit.

Let’s see what the Tesla interior is all about. After coming directly out of the Ioniq 5 into here,

here are some of the first things that stand out to me about the interior. First of all is Space.

Now the Model Y is pretty spacious inside, especially in the front rows, but it does feel a little bit confined compared to the Ioniq 5

which felt really, really airy. However, one big plus is that in the Model Y, you can get an optional third row, which the Ioniq 5 does not

offer. Now that third row is basically only for small children because if I sat back there, the roof

would go straight through the middle of my face. But it’s great to have an option for up to seven seats

if you’d like that. The other thing that stands out is the design and styling. So if we were calling the Ioniq 5 minimalist,

then what do we call this? Because this is simplified to the point that it makes the Ioniq 5 seem complicated,

even though it’s not. Everything revolves through the touchscreen, which we’ll get to later. But that means there are no buttons really to speak of.

As far as storage, where the Ioniq 5 had that configurable center console, instead,

with the Tesla, you have smartphone storage up here, center space here, cup holders, and that.

It’s plenty of space for small items. But in retrospect, it was pretty neat how the Ioniq 5 was at least being clever with its thinking.

 So you’ve got a very simple, traditional-looking steering wheel here. It’s only discerning features are these two small buttons,

which will control some things like the mirrors and other things in the touchscreen. As far as the seats, these are really comfortable, soft,  

and supple, pretty supportive. They feel less, like, structural than the Ioniq 5.

But I’ve done long road trips in these seats and they hold up great and feel really nice. Now one thing that we should touch on is fitment issues.

Because this car is electric and when you’re driving it, it’s nearly quiet you can hear everything that’s going on.

Same with the Ioniq 5. But with the Ioniq 5, we’re not hearing a lot of creaking or parts moving around

or things like that. And in the Model Y, in the year plus that we’ve owned it, from the beginning,

we’ve been able to hear all that kind of stuff. That’s consistent with other Teslas that we’ve owned in the past, too, and something

that you should know if you’re trying to make a decision. If you’d like to read more about our experience with the Model Y, check out our long-term blog.

Back seat

Now let’s check out the back seat. So getting into the rear of the Model Y is easier for me

than it was in the Ioniq 5. You may have noticed, it didn’t make me step up so high and it didn’t make me duck down so low.

And once I’m back here, there’s more headroom and lots of room to stretch out.

Does feel like more legroom too. I’m also not sitting up so high at an elevated level.

It feels like I’m sitting in the same spot that I was when I was in the front seat, which is nice.

Finally, of course, the big panoramic sunroof is a big selling point for some shoppers.

And it is impressive when you sit back here and kind of bask in it. However, the Ioniq 5 has that shade

that comes over the top of it. The Model Y does not have that. And I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes.

Sometimes it feels like the sun is just beating down on you through it. But right here, in a cloudy day, it seems pretty cool.

When it comes to cargo space, as you can see, the Model Y has a lot of it. Now Tesla is actually a little murky on exact figures

but suffice to say there’s more here than in the Ioniq 5. And if you fold down the rear seats,

because of that really dome-like cabin, there is a ton of space in here to load large items or bicycles or something like that.

Plus under here, where the Ioniq 5 had really limited space,

this is a really deep well. So if cargo space is a big concern for you and you’re trying to make a choice between the two,


it’s a big plus for the Tesla. Technology is a real test for Hyundai here.

So let’s get into it. First, the center touchscreen is 12.3 inches and as you can see it’s pretty bright, vibrant, lots

of colors, which is really nice. And as you swipe through it, there are three different screens.

The buttons and icons are all easy to find so you can get to the menu that you’re looking for. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both come standard.

However, wireless is not available. But as you can see, the icons are nice and brightly colored

so they’re really easy to find. You can get back to home, and see a cool icon of the car, and get to the maps really easily.

A big difference from the Tesla, which you’ll see in a second, is that there are hard buttons down here. So when you need to jump to something quickly you can just.

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